About the Press

In a typographic environment of performance and creativity, Editura Universitara Danubius/ Danubius University Press (EUD) carries out its daily activity of promoting scientific research by dissipating its results with 10 specialized journals (Danubius Journals & Danubius Proceedings), published books and partnerships with prestigious publishers in the country and abroad.

EUD is recognized by National Council for Scientific Research from Higher Education (code 111/2006)

The headquarters of the publishing house is in the city of Galati, Bulevard Galati, no. 3, 800654, phone: +40372 361 140.

The main objectives of  EUD are:

a) Supporting the didactic and scientific activity of the University, consisting of editing courses, practical workbooks, manuals, treatises, monographs, specialized journals, annals, etc.;
b) Supporting and promoting cultural, artistic, technical, and media creation, asserting the personalities of the University nationally and internationally;
c) Ensuring the quality of content and form of the works elaborated and prepared for printing/multiplication;
d) Ensuring, through the legal framework of the publishing house, the intellectual property of the authors;
e) Ensuring the right to freedom of thought and speech, to the free expression of opinions and beliefs;
f) Contribution to raising the local and national cultural level through the thematic extension of book production, re-editing publications on the principle of continuous improvement;
g) Establishing relations with publishing houses in the country and abroad, not only universities, possibly concluding international conventions and agreements, or inclusion in European programs in the publishing field, as well as mutual exchanges of books, courses, textbooks and periodicals;
h) Collaboration, in respect of the competencies of each entity, with the institutions and associations active in the field of culture and cultural heritage conservation;
i) Depending on the possibilities of the publishing house and the priorities of the University, but also on the existing requests, various works will be published for third parties (both from the country and from outside it).

EUD operates in accordance with the regulations in force, in compliance with the legal provisions in the field. Its competencies concern: a) concluding publishing contracts with authors; b) observance of the reproduction right of the works, c) intellectual property; d) co-publishing with other publishing houses, within collaboration programs approved and approved by the Senate and by the University management; e) legal deposit; f) obtaining ISBNs and ISSNs; g) the scientific expertise of the publications, by imposing the obligatory requirement that the works be supervised by two scientific references or by the Scientific Council of the respective faculty.